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It is one of the most enigmatic stories of all time, with an opening sentence that’s unparalleled in all of literature. Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman living in Prague, wakes one morning from troubled dreams to find himself transformed into—what, exactly, isn’t clear, just as any clear interpretation of The Metamorphosis has eluded readers wordsmith a guide to college writing pdf decades. A TORTURED, LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP PROVIDED INSPIRATION.

In 1912, Kafka met Felice Bauer, an acquaintance of his friend Max Brod, at a dinner party in Prague. He began writing to Bauer, who lived in Berlin, shortly after, eventually penning two and three letters per day. The correspondence was desperate—and pretty much one-sided. HE WROTE IT WHILE WORKING ON ANOTHER NOVEL.

Once the inspiration for The Metamorphosis came, he seized on it and resolved to write it quickly, in two or three sittings. IT TOOK THREE YEARS TO GET PUBLISHED. Kafka read a section from his “bug piece,” as he called it, aloud to friends on November 24, 1912. They began talking about the work, and soon publishers were expressing interest. Due to his preoccupations with writing Bauer and with Amerika, though, it took Kafka months to write a new manuscript. THERE ARE NUMEROUS TRANSLATIONS OF THE FAMOUS OPENING LINE. Over the years, translators have had Gregor Samsa transform into “a monstrous cockroach,” “an enormous bedbug,” and “a large verminous insect,” among other things.

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