Useful french phrases pdf

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Useful foreign phrases A collection of useful phrases suitable for a variety of situations in many different languages with sound files for quite a few of them. Stop the world, I want to get off! Phrase finder The phrase finder enables you to view the useful phrases in any combination of two languages. The phrases are available in over 230 different languages. You can support this site by making a donation, or by contributing in other ways. Book Accommodation, Restaurants and Flights on Booking.

What things should I look to do? Suggestions for use: This presentation can be shown and developed in class. Suggestions for use: Excellent resource to refer students to. Suggestions for use: Invaluable guide that can be printed out and given to students. Suggestions for use: This link can be given a few months before the oral examination to students who are considering presenting a document. Click on each item to hear it said by a French person.

Suggestions for use: An extra aid to introduce 1st years to French. Make up new dialogues with the students based on the template given. Suggestions for use: Excellent for exam prep. Play to class and sit back! Suggestions for use: Excellent audio clip and useful glossary.

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Can be downloaded and played repeatedly. Suggestions for use: Perfect to print out and give to class. Lots of ideas here for use in the Orals. Suggestions for use: Print out and give to class. Get the students to talk around these topics.