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Please forward this error screen to 209. How To The links below highlight some of our favourite content on this site and the web that will help you get started with messaging and RabbitMQ. If you are just starting out with messaging and RabbitMQ, please take a look untangling the web a guide to internet research pdf our Get Started tutorials. If you feel we have missed something or would like to suggest more links please contact us.

Matthew’s presentation to VMworld 2010 that covers an introduction to messaging with common use cases, an AMQP 101 and an overview of RabbitMQ including its features and application to cloud messaging. A recording of Emile’s webinar that introduces messaging and RabbitMQ. A session with members of the audience. A presentation by Muharem Hrnjadovic discussing why messaging is a good thing and when and how to use it. Muraham covers an introduction to messaging concepts and how the AMQP model can be used to implement common messaging patterns. Presentation by Dmitriy Samovskiy on slideshare. Good primer on AMQP messaging concepts and RabbitMQ in general.

Michael Klishin’s Guide to using AMQP with RabbitMQ. Clear explanations of messaging concepts and AMQP 0-9-1. Written for a Ruby audience, but suitable for wider readership. Progresses to discussion and examples of messaging patterns and error handling.

AMQP and STOMP for multi-platform communication. A video of the RabbitMQ team presenting their Tech Talks at Google London, Oct 2008. Alexis explains what is meant by messaging and why you might need a messaging broker. Matthias provides a technical overview of the RabbitMQ broker and why Erlang was the right choice to implement it. Tony then discusses the future of RabbitMQ and AMQP with a focus on messaging at internet scale. A high level introduction into why you should be using messaging in your applications.

Joern Barthel that provides an excellent discussion the AMQ model and its implementation in RabbitMQ. Lots of code examples are provided in Ruby. A slide show from Paolo Negri that offers an excellent introduction to the AMQP model and RabbitMQ with code samples in python and ruby. He explores the different routing models available and goes on to explain a number of use cases and some common messaging patterns, including pubsub. Blog post for those who want to get started with RabbitMQ quickly and easily. Assumes you know the basics about messaging and AMQP. Slides from a presentation by Lenz Gschwendtner at erlounge in Wellington, July 2009.

Provides and excellent introduction to messaging, RabbitMQ, AMQP and using them with Python. Well worth a read for ophidians and non-ophidians alike. Read all about AMQP including the origins of the protocol, the AMQP model and the other specifications that cover the same or similar space as AMQP. Slides from presentation given by Alexis at Oxford Geek Night, May 2009. Examination of why messaging architectures beat database polling for pubsub. A discussion that covers a variety of use cases for messaging. Talk by Tony Garnock-Jones at Google London, May 2009.

Explains the internals of RabbitMQ and how RabbitMQ can be used in federation and achieving redundancy for high availability. An excellent introduction, in French, to messaging with AMQP. Or read the English translation, which is almost as good. We present a list of useful searches on the social bookmarking site. Alexis’ presention on use cases for cloud messaging at the Cloud and Grid Exchange 2010. The talk discusses what is messaging and why it is useful for cloud computing by way of illustrating use cases from RabbitMQ customers. Download a PDF of the slides, 3.

Holly Edelson explains why RabbitMQ is ideal for implementing a cloud messaging solution. James Governor discusses how messaging in the cloud, specifically with RabbitMQ, is changing the way applications are architected. Describes how it is possible to leverage the cloud and RabbitMQ to scale-out a massive PDF generation task. Illustrates the use of RabbitMQ as a alternative to SQS for message queuing on AWS. Walk through of how to set up Ubuntu for use with RabbitMQ on AWS.

Describes how to get started with RabbitMQ on Amazon’s EC2. A video presentation from Py Con 2010 on how Reddit scaled as its traffic doubled using the Amazon cloud and messaging. Video about how to do complex event processing to derive intelligence about twitter streams. RabbitMQ Cloud Use Cases on del. More links to cloud use cases at delicious. Please refer to the monitoring page for information about RabbitMQ monitoring. In addition there are several community-maintained tools.

Please treat these as experimental and send feedback to the mailing list. A cookbook for managing RabbitMQ with Chef. A module for managing RabbitMQ with Puppet. RabbitMQ Management and RabbitMQ Monitoring on del. More links to what others are doing to manage and monitor RabbitMQ. A library of sample implementations of common messaging patterns described in the EIP book.

See also the accompanying video and slides. Doug Barth describes how to implement rate controlled message processing using AMQP’s prefetch_count, client acks and a blocking token bucket. A write up of what happens when you build a web chat room with RabbitMQ and issue an open invitation to break it. Building a Real-time Feed with RabbitMQ, Node. A walk through of how to build a browser-based pubsub system.