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Java in the Cloud: Rapidly develop and deploy Java business applications in the cloud. Java EE—the Most Lightweight Enterprise Framework? Easier Code Access and Usability Begins with a Transformative Solution General Code supports you and your municipality through technologies that transform your user experience and empower you to access, navigate and share your Code in exciting new ways. That’s why our platform is trusted by more than 2,000 local governments.

In fact, we are the first major codifier to develop an online platform to specifically house codified laws and municipal information. Code360’s intuitive design, responsive navigation, and robust search functionality drive performance and user satisfaction, generating an impressive 71,000 users a day while boasting an incredible uptime average of 99. An easy-to-use uncluttered interface—that’s adaptable and responsive to desktop and handheld devices—allows you to access, search and share Code sections with incredible speed and precision. With a few clicks, users can quickly and easily locate your Code and search content within it, including adopted legislation. Information can be quickly downloaded and shared via email, print or social media. View and search newly adopted legislation between Code updates.

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Easily view previous versions of your Code online via the Online Code Archives feature. Search topics across multiple Codes at the same time from more than 1,900 accessible Codes. Or download sections of your Code to a Word document to easily begin drafting new legislation. Add private notes anywhere within your Code that you can make viewable to your staff and other designated municipal users.

Enhance your constituents’ user experience by adding public notes to sections of your Code that may contain links and annotations. Or create private notes anywhere within your Code that you can make viewable to a group of staff or just yourself. Upload minutes, agendas, resolutions and other public documents with your online Code for easy searching and public access. Add users and manage who has access to Admin or Municipal user functions within your Code.

Search thousands of online Codes anytime, anywhere. That’s more than 2,000 municipal Codes from 25 States and Canada. Code Content—and better serve your community. Give departments and individuals within your municipality the ability to view and use specific Code information they need—when they need it. From there, the file can be imported into systems other departments are already using, where information from your Code can be quickly viewed and used. A great resource for Municipal employees!

Family of Companies, starting November 15, 2017. The Code Council, a 64,000-member association, is the global market leader in developing model codes and standards used in the design, build, and compliance process. With more than five decades of leadership in codification services and content management solutions for local municipalities in 26 states, General Code is a renowned market leader in the industry. Our mutually beneficial partnership with The Code Council provides an excellent complement to our product and service portfolio. We will continue to be a values-based company, and clients can expect the same high level of attention and service they have experienced over the years.