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For the 1905 partition, see 1905 Partition of Bengal. On 6 July 1947, the Sylhet referendum decided to sever Sylhet tea for two partition pdf Assam and merge it into East Bengal. 15 August 1947, was done according to what has come to be known as the “3 June Plan” or “Mountbatten Plan”.

India’s independence on 15 August 1947 ended over 150 years of British influence in the Indian subcontinent. In 1905, the first partition in Bengal was implemented as an administrative preference, making governing the two provinces, West and East Bengal, easier. However, the disagreements between Hindus and Muslims in Bengal which had sparked the Partition of Bengal in 1905 still remained and laws, including the Partition of Bengal in 1947, were implemented to fulfill the political needs of the parties involved. 21 voted for partition of the province. Under the Mountbatten Plan, a single majority vote in favour of partition by either notionally divided half of the Assembly would have decided the division of the province, and hence the house proceedings on 20 June resulted in the decision to partition Bengal. Also in accordance with the Mountbatten Plan, in a referendum held on 7 July, the electorate of Sylhet voted to join East Bengal. Further, the Boundary Commission headed by Sir Cyril Radcliffe decided on the territorial demarcation between the two newly created provinces.

Power was transferred to Pakistan and India on 14 and 15 August, respectively, under the Indian Independence Act 1947. However, the plan directly ran counter to that of the Muslim League’s, which demanded the creation of a separate Muslim homeland on the basis of the two-nation theory. Bengal provincial Muslim League leadership opinion was divided. Barddhaman’s League leader Abul Hashim supported it.

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