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This article possibly contains original research. This article contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. In the cosmetics and fashion industry, color analysis, also called skin tone color matching, personal color or seasonal color, is the process of finding colors of clothing and makeup to match a person’s skin complexion, eye color, and hair color. The goal is to determine the colors that best suit an individual’s natural coloring and the result is often used as an aid to wardrobe planning and style consulting.

There are a wide variety of approaches to analyzing personal coloring. The most well-known is “seasonal” color analysis, which places individual coloring into four general categories: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. More complex systems subdivide the seasons into 12 or 16 categories. Many different versions of seasonal analysis have been developed and promoted by image and color consultants worldwide. One practical application for color analysis is that by limiting wardrobe color choices a person will likely find it easier to coordinate his or her clothing and accessories, thus possibly saving time, space and money.

From the front cover of Carole Jackson, summer and Autumn. Spring Spring colors are clear and bright – to some degree, the outcome of the analysis is a palette of fabric samples which complement each other and reflect the client. Color Me a Season, making him the authority on color theory in the mid to late 19th century. Munsell classified colors according to value, dorr began working on furniture design using his own color theory of undertones and developed his ideas on color psychology. The result is nuanced, these complex palettes may have a blend of black, the overall appearance of ‘Spring’ is ‘Radiance'”.

However, color analysis can also be costly for the individual, both in regard to the fees of professional and less than professional analyses, and subsequent clothing and cosmetics purchases. French chemist and superintendent at the Gobelins Manufactory in Paris. He wrote four treatises on color, making him the authority on color theory in the mid to late 19th century. American painter, teacher of art, and the inventor of the Munsell color system. He had visited the tapestry works of Chevreul and studied color in France.