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The Sustainable school architecture pdf School also includes a one-year fulltime Foundation course for those contemplating studies in architecture or associated creative fields. AA School The Undergraduate School sits at the heart of the larger AA School, a community of 750 students and almost 250 teachers and staff. Two-thirds of AA students and teachers comprise the Undergraduate School. Every year nearly 85 per cent of our full-time students come to the AA from abroad, creating a setting for a global discussion, debate and exchange of architectural ideas that makes the school unique.

AA’s Graduate School, global Visiting School and Foundation course as well as visitors and participants in the AA’s Public Programme, a year-long programme of public events dedicated to contemporary architectural culture, the arts and design. First Year Studio The First Year design studio brings together students who work both individually and in groups in an open shared studio space located in the heart of the main school. Through continuous interaction with experienced design tutors and collaborators who offer tutorials, seminars, workshops and presentations throughout the year, students can begin to develop their talents, strengths and modes of working to their highest potential. This innovative approach to architectural teaching and learning emphasises the development of comprehensive design projects undertaken within the setting of a single unit selected by a student at the outset of the year.

The unit system first emerged at the school in the 1930s, during a period in which the AA played a vital role in introducing modern architecture to the UK. Alongside this innovative, project-directed form of teaching, the school implemented increasingly collaborative, experimental approaches to architectural education, refining a model of open, participatory study that has since gone on to greatly influence the teaching and learning of architecture across the world. 18 there are 16 units that make up the Intermediate School, and 15 more units that form the Diploma School. Students work in close contact with unit masters and tutors who independently set each unit agenda, aims and objectives. Unit masters work at the AA School on a part-time basis while maintaining their own practice beyond the school. AA Agendas and Projects Today the AA Undergraduate School is a place of unparalleled diversity, exchange and experimentation. A growing range of alternative practices, projects and forms of critical engagement offer students an unrivalled setting for the formation of young careers, agendas and future ambitions.

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Students in the Undergraduate School are encouraged to pursue their own individual paths through the range of possible units and projects they are exposed to, defining for themselves the basis for their future architectural development, interests and goals. Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid and many others in the 1970s, AA graduates are responsible for many of the most important, iconic architectural projects and visions of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Many have taken lessons and ideas from their time at the AA back to other countries and distant settings. Applicants The Undergraduate School actively seeks candidates who share our view that architecture is both a professional and cultural form of human activity, enquiry and knowledge. Registered Charity Incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee.