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35 and growing to be exact. To help quantify the specific values you’re looking for starbucks online application pdf’re going to narrow down the possibilities through a very short series of questions, taking just a minute or two at the most.

Each card includes a button in the bottom right corner that will move you forward. Tap this one when you’re ready to get started. Please indicate if you do business in one or more of these currently featured industries. If none are applicable to you simply tap Continue without choosing any. Next we’ll identify Lines of Business you wish to transform. What Lines of Business in your organization will be impacted most by a digital transformation? Select as many LOBs as are applicable.

Notice how we’re pairing down the solution enablers to the right. Next we’ll quantify how valuable each is to your business. When it comes to investment into core financial processes, what are your outcome priorities? No need to limit points – if there are multiple 5’s, mark them all. When investing in your supply chain management processes, what are your outcome priorities? When it comes to investment into your sales and distribution processes, what are your outcome priorities? When it comes to investment into your service and customer support processes, what are your outcome priorities?

When it comes to investment into your sourcing and procurement processes, what are your outcome priorities? When it comes to investment into your manufacturing processes, what are your outcome priorities? When it comes to investment into your research and development processes, what are your outcome priorities? When it comes to investment into your asset management processes, what are your outcome priorities? If you see additional values in the list of potentials that may also be interest, you still have a chance to add them.

You can still add additional LOBs or change your priority assessment on lines you’ve selected. Tap the left button to modify your selections, or tap the right button to continue to your report. Eliminate the need for reconciliation by using a single transaction table for general ledger, controlling, asset accounting, and inventory accounting items. Eliminate the need to store items in a special ledger by doing intercompany reconciliation with real-time access to open items in accounts receivable and accounts payable. Eliminate the need for reconciliation between the general ledger and subledgers. I already have a lot of experience with financial systems, both as a user and from the customers’ perspective. 4HANA is like going from a tricycle for small-business accounting software to a race car.

It has enabled Convergent to continue our fast-paced growth and simplified our business processes tremendously. It’s fulfilling the promises of simplifying the architecture and giving us quicker response times. 4HANA Finance in place is a big plus for us. It certainly reinforces our image for product innovation and process improvement, which in turn strengthens our competitiveness and opens up new business opportunities. Richard Tseng, Chief Information Officer, Everest Textile Co. 4HANA software to automate the value chain, unlock the potential of the Internet of Things, and realize Industry 4. 4HANA Finance solution for the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

The business benefits are incredible, with notable statistics highlighted here. Real-time alerts based on current stock requirements with integrated decision support. Enhance on-time delivery performance by integrating pick, pack, and ship processes. Increase inventory turnover by making informed decisions based on accurate demand and supply data. Simplified data model resulting in increased throughput, flexible analytics at the most granular level and accuracy based on primary data. Get the ability to automate warehouse operations with RFID and sensors with IoT framework for integration to manage just-in-time availability, unit handling, serial numbers, electronic data interchange, and proof of delivery.

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Increase process flexibility through optimized logistics processes. We want to be the number one retailer based on customer satisfaction, financial performance and employee satisfaction. For many years, every transaction went into the in-house developed system. It was very tailored but no match for SAP.

So for us, agility and fast response was key to select SAP. Before, nobody could have visibility into contracts. Now we know exactly how much and when to pay. 4HANA Finance helped Boryung drive business process harmonization while improving our operational efficiency. We are now able to tap into a variety of analytical information previously unavailable to us.