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I wanted to follow that up with another study guide for 70-486: Developing ASP. I apologize, but the skills measured sections for 70-486 contain some sections that are more conceptual than focused on a particular technology in the ASP. I could then link to research information for. I spoke to a colleague that works extensively with MVC and he too had difficulty with the test. Just be warned that this is something you will most definitely want to study for.

In this course we’ll provide an introduction to ASP. We’ll also drill into new features for version 4 of ASP. The Plural Sight training was helpful for the test, but would also be extremely helpful if you currently work with, or plan to work with MVC in the future. Worst case scenario, if you can get in on a free retake promo, you could take the test and if you fail, come back later and go through the Plural Sight training before you test again. Training for the Test Between the Plural Sight videos, the ASP. NET MVC 4 Tutorials, and the topics discussed below, I logged about 35 hours in overall study time.

I will admit that I have never actually worked with MVC 4, but I did build several projects a while back in the initial version of MVC that was released way back when. Furthermore, the test also contains case studies. Case studies consists of a fictional project concept that consists of business requirements, technical requirements, and code samples. Do not be too overly worried about these questions.