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For over 30 years Lee Marsland has been a licensed radio amateur. In that time and in ‘his own words’, there have been plenty of ‘trials and tribulations’. Lee brings to this book a light hearted look at how his hobby has become more of a rsgb radio communication handbook pdf of life that defines him today.

Guilds through how he gained his Morse certificate, set up his stations, erected towers and even in more recent times encouraged his grandchildren to take and pass their own amateur radio examinations. The book is full of humorous anecdotes from Lee’s life including the tale of the title which concerns RSPCA officer taking Lee to task about cruelty to his owl despite it being made of plastic. Lee has written this book in an easy to read style that really brings over his Liverpool heritage. His tale of becoming a radio amateur and its challenges is a great read that provides many a chuckle. For the active hillwalker and the home based chaser of summits alike this programme offers endless fascination. SOTA Explained sets out to provide the essential guide to this programme, hilltop radio and much more besides.

Taking a portable radio station into the hills and operating from a summit is a fascinating and rewarding way to combine the very best aspects of walking and of amateur radio. SOTA activity is also inexpensive providing the opportunity to achieve a great deal in amateur radio. Many appreciate the freedom this sort of operation offers and the benefits of having a high radio station far from urban electrical interference. SOTA Explained also provides advice for those who do not venture on to the hills but still want to participate in SOTA. There is a whole chapter dedicated to ‘chasers’ from the bands to choose, how propagation affects your operation, chasing DX stations and rare SOTA activations.

SOTA stations and modes of operation. The book is not just for those new to SOTA but the more experienced operator will find much of use too. Be warned: after reading this book, you will never see a hilltop in the same way again. For many radio amateurs operating on Topband or 160m is endlessly challenging, exciting and intriguing.

Building on the success of his first edition author Jeff Briggs, K1ZM, well known as a Topband expert, has extended a book that will appeal to all who operate Topband or are just wondering what is possible on this fascinating band. This is a specially produced RSGB edition of a US classic brings the best of 160m operating experience to everyone. The book covers how the chronology of DXing on 160m across the years and the personalities involved. Aside from detailed historical information, the author describes many practical antennas and operating techniques that can lead to success on Topband. Topband can be addictive and as a true-blue 160m fan you might well find yourself actually enjoying listening to static crashes, waking up just before dawn for three months just trying to make that seemingly impossible Topband DX QSO.

K1ZM has written this book for anyone interested in the history and practice and most of all the enjoyment to be found on 160m. This book is aimed directly at those who interested in tornados and other severe weather phenomenon. National Weather Service provides a first line of defence against severe weather. Many amateur radio operators are trained storm spotters and this book includes information on resources, training and equipment available to them. Simply put the book aims to provide the most comprehensive guide to the programme and much more besides.

The IOTA Directory contains the complete, official listing of IOTA islands but is much more than just a simple list. There is much more besides with details of the latest IOTA Honour roll, Golden List, etc. The IOTA Directory provides everything you need to participate in IOTA, from lists of islands, grouped by continent, and indexed by prefix through to application forms and masses of information and advice for island hunters, award applicants and DXpeditioners alike. If the simple act of collecting QSLs from around the world hasn’t appealed before. The multitude of islands and the fascinating IOTA programme laid out in this book will change your mind. The IOTA Directory is a must have if you are already involved or simply just interested. Please remember all proceeds from the sale of IOTA products goes directly to support the programme.

What should you pay for a second hand radio? The Rig Guide is a unique publication that sets out to answer the question ‘what is the right price for this radio? What will you get for a radio if you trade it in or try to buy or sell it on an online auction site? The Rig Guide provides the answer. The Rig Guide continues to define the prices of amateur radio equipment in the UK, fully updated and covering more than ever before The Rig Guide is rightly one of the most popular amateur radio books around.

If you are planning to buy or sell any amateur radio equipment you should not be without The Rig Guide. The book begins with tips for buyers and a guide to selling and trading. There is a handy guide to selling on ebay and even tips on how to avoid getting lumbered with stolen gear. The Rig Guide contains a list of the abbreviations used in the descriptions and an explanation of them all. The Rig Guide isn’t limited to popular commercial amateur radio transceivers but also covers receivers, scanners and linear amplifiers too. We’re not just talking about current models either and you will even find details on the many Chinese manufacturers. DSP isn’t forgotten either with a dedicated section on the equipment available.

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