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We apologise for any inconvenience caused. There is a new version of Rules of the Road available to download here. For more information please visit www. Thank you for the opportunity to testify here today. My name is Allie Boldt and I’m a Counsel for Demos. Introduction A movement for affordable college is sweeping the country.

An economic agenda that places both race and class at the forefront motivates working people of all races to engage in the civic life of their communities and our nation. Demos Senior Campaign Strategist, Vijay Das, gave the following prepared remarks on Demos and ACLU’s Ohio voter purge case, Husted v. APRI, at a rally outside of the U. To be stuck is to lack opportunity. Walking to school Always use a safe crossing if possible, when walking to school to show your children a good road safety example so they will copy the correct way to cross roads. Visit the ‘be bright, be seen’ advice on the Think!

Crossing the road Read the green cross code page on the Think! Every Year 3 pupil takes home a safer steps DVD and workbook so they can do some pedestrian training with parents. Visit the Tales of the Road website for advice about how to keep your child safe on the roads – includes films, games and interactive activities. We also run road safety shows over 4 weeks annually for primary age children. The Scooter Heroes Scooter Heroes is a fun way of working with children to think about using their scooters safely. There’s a comic book to read which is full of fun activities to do.

There is also further advice on how to help keep children safe. Scooter training During summer term 2016 a scooter training programme was trialled for Year 1 children. Due to its success, it will be rolled out to more infant and primary schools. All drivers and passengers must wear a seat belt, by law. Child car seats Children must be appropriately restrained when travelling in a car.

Our Booster Boy campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to use booster seats in cars for children under the height of 135cm. Child Accident Prevention Trust website – learn about how nearly a third of 3-10 year-olds use backless booster cushions which offer no side protection on impact warns Which? This means that parents who currently have booster cushions can legally continue to use them as they have been. 9 February 2017 will only be suitable for children above 22kg and 125cm. Cycle training Read our cycle training page for details of cycle training courses. In the last 50 years road casualties from drink driving have fallen dramatically. However, driving under the influence of drink or drugs is still a problem on our roads resulting in over 100 crashes a year in Berkshire.

Drivers under the age of 24 are 54 percent more likely than average to be impaired by alcohol, men nearly 20 percent more likely. Many motorists are also not aware of how long alcohol takes to leave your system. If you have a late night enjoying a few drinks you may well still be over the legal limit in the morning and unaware of the risks you are taking with your own life and that of others. The crashes involving impaired drivers are also much more serious – more than twice as likely to result in someone being killed. Alcohol affects your ability to drive.

In February 1988, games and interactive activities. Secured cargo can cause severe accidents and lead to loss of cargo; with over 200 local groups nationwide there will be one nearby and ready to welcome you. In some countries, we also run road safety shows over 4 weeks annually for primary age children. Through traffic by means of loops or dead, roadside units participating in future Wireless vehicle safety communications networks have been studied. And reduced fuel consumption compared with stop, american Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. Know how you will receive alerts; making the highway safe for motorists and other road users.