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The Combined Application for Rental Housing Programs is intended for those interested in developing low-income housing using programs available through MSHDA. If there are questions regarding the Combined Application for Rental Housing Programs, please contact Carol Thompson in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. Disclaimer Not every file is required for each program. However, please make sure you download all information necessary for your particular application.

MSHDA is not responsible for incomplete applications. Low Income Housing Tax Credit Application The following documents are required for every application. Addendum I through Addendum IV Addendum I through Addendum IV explain the specific requirements of each program listed above. An exhibit checklist, which outlines the required information that must be attached to each application, is located within each addendum. Tabs A through PP The following Tabs, A through PP, provide supplemental information required for completing the application. Not every tab is required for each program.

Applicants are responsible for obtaining all appropriate information for each application submitted. For assistance in determining whether a tab file is necessary, read the exhibit checklist of the addendum pertaining to the program for which you are applying. Some of the features on CT. Want a new way to keep customers fully informed on their vehicle repair status?

Looking to boost your bottom line and make your shop more efficient? Automotive Suite to help collision repair centers focus on what they do best – getting customers back on the road. Enabling shops to send electronic rental reservations, vehicle status updates and automated text or email customer notifications. An internal reporting feature also helps forecast daily cycle time, providing month-to-month summaries, as well as market averages and insurance company cycle times by shop. AUTOMOTIVE ALL STAKEHOLDERS ARE LOOKING AT THE SAME PIECE OF DATA IN ORDER TO GET THE DESIRED RESULTS. USING THE REPORTS WE WERE ABLE TO SHAVE ALMOST THREE DAYS OF CYCLE TIME OFF OUR NINE STORES, COLLECTIVELY. REPORTING HAS BEEN A KEY FACTOR IN DRIVING EFFICIENCIES BECAUSE WE CAN CONTINUOUSLY COMPARE OUR PERFORMANCE TO LOCAL MARKET BENCHMARKS.

Petition to Value Adjustment Board, to make your work easier we have created some samples after taking the help of experts. Customize according to your requirements, the information on the reservation form is the same information requested from customers. One often has to ask for credit whilst running a business and writing an  application for extension of credit can be a daunting task. Please enter as much information as you know and type “unknown” in the fields that you do not know.

It’s a lot more efficient to issue text and email updates once a day. Our customers like it, our insurance companies like it and our shop depends on it. I’m able to look at all locations by individual repair center, car and insurance company with the MSO functionality. How does your shop’s cycle time compare to industry averages? Automotive Customer Repair Status Notification offers a robust new tool for customer communications, helping you easily update customers with automated or customized e-mails and texts. Automotive Reporting from Enterprise is a free tool you can use to maximize your shop’s efficiency and grow your business.

On average, shops that use the ARMS Reporting tool have shown a two-day reduction in rental cycle time. Automotive Suite allows your shop to send rental reservations to a local Enterprise branch electronically. So you can get to work sooner and your customers can get back on the road faster. The ARMS Automotive application now offers the capability to automatically update your customers on their repair status with quick and easy e-mail and text messages. Not all of my customers rent a car, so how does this benefit those that do not? The reports contain carrier-specific rental length and labor hour information by rental and by carrier.