Nuclear thermal hydraulics pdf

Overview Materials science and engineering are critical for innovation in fields such as healthcare, energy, environmental sustainability and transport. Our facilities include cutting edge equipment and tools for advanced nuclear thermal hydraulics pdf imaging and characterisation. Materials are central to the nuclear industry, both in designing reactor parts that are safe under irradiation and in handling and processing waste.

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This course focuses on understanding the relationship between the fundamental structure and properties of matter, and will provide you with a focused introduction to nuclear engineering. You will learn how to manipulate existing materials and how to develop new and improved ones, with access to cutting edge equipment and tools for advanced materials imaging and characterisation. This is reinforced by laboratory work, industrial visits and lectures, as well as tutorials and case studies. In your third year you will begin to focus on nuclear engineering, completing a mixture of core and optional modules. You also have the opportunity to build on the BEng with a relevant four-month placement in industry or research.