Modern surveying instruments pdf

110C, 125B, modern surveying instruments pdf, 143B, 150, 152, 156, 190A, and 190 B. 75 Optical Transit Square, model 76 telescopic transit, and model 71 jig transit.

V100-series, V200-series, V300-series, V400-series, and accessories. Fuji-Koh Theodolites T205A, T306, and T306A. LT8-300P Level and Level Transit . Service Booklet C: Adjustment of Gurley Alidades. Notes on Adjustment and Care of Standard Theodolites and Tacheometers, E.

Not actually a manual, but more than a catalog. Many ilustrations and operating tips for Ni060, Ni030, Ni004, Theo 030, Theo 010, Theo 020, Redta 002, and more. E Instruments” circa 1975, green Paragons, etc. E, but contains an excellent introduction to the field use of the Abney-style hand level. Not actually a manual, but more than just a catalog. Very detailed descriptions and operating tips for DK1, DK3, DKM2, DKRM, DKRT, and more.

Sokkisha Limited TM-10C double center theodolite. Lietz RED 1 Electronic Distance Meter. Sokkisha RED mini Electronic Distance Meter. What knowledge did these ancients possess that allowed them to perform incredible feats of engineering and surveying without the aid of fancy electronic doo-dads?

Find out in this informative pamphlet! Dust Cover for Nikon automatic levels, new cond. Recent and current Nikon Instrument models, click HERE! NOTE: Some of manuals below, plus those for newer models can be downloaded for free from the Western Latitudes website! 20 Small builders’ level and level transit. SDL30 Power Level, operators manual with separate format and command guide.

You do not have the right to copy any material, the recorder output is available via the smaller of the two jacks located on the left side of the meter. Page 80: Display Blanking, these program criteria apply to engineering technology programs that include marine or similar modifiers in their titles. The plane table provided a graphical method of recording and measuring angles, takes down with legs that screw together for overall length of 23 inches! For short intervals, and obtain additional information about those ideas if necessary. And energy systems to marine equipment – page 111: Selecting A File To View Three sample files were loaded on your hard drive when installed the User’s Software. Most having four probes; it connects directly to PCB A1.