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Downsize yourdownlightingcosts with LED PLCThe first retrofit LED PLC lamp designed to increaseefficiency and downsize your costs. Bright easy-to-fit LED tubes that last and lastLED tubes only use around half the energy of fluorescent alternatives, so the instant energy savings from a lamp replacement can pay for the new tubes within a couple months. Read more mcdonald’s behind the arches pdf APCOA case study:The switch to LED technology has beena resounding success. Finding the right fitfor T8 tubes1Does your luminaire have a starter?

This illustration shows its typical locationin an open or closed luminaire with 1200and 1500 mm tubes. April 12th 2017 and requires all inefficient light sources to be phasedout. We have 1-1 retrofits availablethat offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for the impacted lamps. A3 will be banned for sales within the EU. This regards both initial installs and replacements. Iridium gen3 is the first intelligent luminaire designed for seamless connectivity.

It should excite, inspire and enhance thespaces in which we live. Daylight controls our natural biorhythms,influences our mood and creates a sense of wellbeing. When people feel betterthey work better, which means increased productivity, so everyone’shappy. Investment in your infrastructurenow can pay huge dividends down the line. And lighting is a vital part of the mix.

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