Mac docx to pdf

Mac docx to pdf so long ago, we told you all about an app for iOS that allowed you to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files, but did you know you can accomplish the same process on your Mac too? In this tutorial, we’ll be showing you how to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word files using an app from the Mac App Store called PDF to Word. Why convert a PDF to a Word file?

This process is useful for when you want to be able to actually edit the contents of the file without having to purchase expensive software from Adobe to do so. The free version can convert up to two pages of a PDF file to a Word file, but the pro version gives you the ability to convert an unlimited amount of pages of a PDF file to a Word file. Microsoft Office and PDF to Word by Feiphone is three times cheaper than buying Adobe Acrobat to edit your PDF files. Step 2: Locate a PDF file on your Mac that you wish to convert to a Word file.

We’ll be using a 2016 IRS tax form that we had available at the time for this tutorial. Step 4: In the Finder window that opens next, browse for the PDF file you want to use, and double-click on it. Select file to convert to . Downloads folder for the output directory in this tutorial.

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Step 7: The app will do its thing, and should be done with the conversion process pretty quickly. Step 8: Verify the DOCX file you just created is in the output folder you designated. Step 9: In this case it is, so now verify that the DOCX file opens in Microsoft Word without any problems. For what it is, it does a decent job. The free trial version of the app is not only limited to two pages, but it’s also ad-supported. When you purchase the pro version of the app, you don’t have any ads and you have no page limits. Once the file is created, you can share it with anyone and as long as they have Microsoft Word or another compatible word processor, they will be able to open the DOCX file you created and make edits to it.

Someone who gets a lot of PDF files to deal with on a regular basis, such as by email, and needs a way to electronically input information or edit the contents of the PDF file will find this app very useful. If you don’t deal with many PDF files, you’re probably not going to need a PDF to Word converter. 99 app for iOS would do, but if you’re serious about your PDF to DOCX conversions, that’s probably not going to matter much to you because you’re going to be more worried about workflow and reliability long term. If you use a different app for converting  your PDF files to Word files, tell us all about it in the comments below! Get updates directly into your inbox.