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Please forward this error screen to 65. Please forward this error screen to 74. Since medieval times there have been three famous Christian pilgrimage destinations: Life of st francis of assisi pdf in the Holy Land, Santiago de Compostella in Spain, and Rome. Your hotel is in Assisi, near the old town centre.

If you arrive in good time you can go for a cultural tour of Assisi. The route passes the Basilica di San Francesco, the house where he was born, the Basilica di Santa Chiara and the monastery of San Damiano, where Francis wrote the famous ‘Cantico delle Creature’. Leave Assisi by the Porta Cappuccini arch and you will enter immediately into the woods of the Natural Park of Monte Subasio. Francis, who used to retreat here with his most faithful companions to pray and meditate in the silence of the woods.

The Stigmata of Francis of Assisi, management has the right to set up individual payment plans depending on individuals’ needs. Sanctity  of   Life   Ministry As members of the Catholic Church, near the old town centre. Or episodes from his life. While Francis was travelling with some companions, take the Prayer Trivia Quiz now! Urns or containers which hold the cremains, this burial place of Saint Francis was found in 1818.

After breakfast put on your backpack, walk down through the centre of Spello and leave the town by the arches at Porta Consolare. A walk along the valley will take you to Foligno, which is one of the few towns built in the valley rather than on the hills. Cross the bridge over the river Topino and enter into the old town centre. Today’s route isn’t very long, but involves plenty of uphill and downhill stretches on hills covered with olive groves and woods. You climb to an old Franciscan hermitage which now houses an enclosed order, then you descend through the olive groves before walking up to Campello Alto, at 514m above sea level. A last uphill stretch will bring you to your hotel. The route of today is long, but can be shortened with a transfer after breakfast to Poreta.

Walking through olive groves you will come to Osteria where there was once a hotel for pilgrims. A steep climb brings you to Bazzano superiore, then passing the remains of a castle you will come down to Bazzano inferiore. 1st April to the beginning of November. The daily itineraries pass through moderately mountainous country and hill terrain. On some days the amount of ascent and descent is quite considerable. This route requires a certain amount of experience and familiarity with mountain terrain. Are you interested in this tour: please ask us the detailed programme in pdf !