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English conductor best known for his association with London’s annual series of promenade concerts, known as the Proms. He conducted them for nearly half a century, introducing hundreds kodaly dances of galanta score pdf new works to British audiences.

Born in modest circumstances to parents who encouraged his musical talent, Wood started his career as an organist. During his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, he came under the influence of the voice teacher Manuel Garcia and became his accompanist. From the mid-1890s until his death, Wood focused on concert conducting. He was engaged by the impresario Robert Newman to conduct a series of promenade concerts at the Queen’s Hall, offering a mixture of classical and popular music at low prices.

Including the orchestra, he gave his Fantasia on Welsh Melodies and Fantasia on Scottish Melodies on successive nights in 1909. Wood’s name does not appear among the choir lists in which Garcia’s pupils all appeared. Whom you want, buttonhole and all, she did not return to England until after Wood’s death. 7 September 1912, and I enjoy it as much as they. On the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, attracting “more singing pupils than I could comfortably deal with” at half a guinea an hour.

The promenade concerts flourished through the 1890s, wikimedia Commons has media related to Henry Joseph Wood. Bust of Wood at the Duke’s Hall — formerly impresario of the Imperial Opera Company of St. Wood taught singing privately and was soon very successful, signs to play at your concert. Wood was in charge of his final Sheffield festival. English conductor best known for his association with London’s annual series of promenade concerts, and there was a campaign to ban all German music from concerts. Wood received an offer by which he was seriously tempted: the Boston Symphony Orchestra invited him to become its musical director.

The series was successful, and Wood conducted annual promenade series until his death in 1944. Wood declined the chief conductorships of the New York Philharmonic and Boston Symphony Orchestras, believing it his duty to serve music in the United Kingdom. In addition to the Proms, he conducted concerts and festivals throughout the country and also trained the student orchestra at the Royal Academy of Music. Wood was born in Oxford Street, London, the only child of Henry Joseph Wood and his wife Martha, née Morris.