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This one may be a stretch for some of you, I don’t know. However, for those of us who were involved in churches and schools in the 1960’s and 70’s that subscribed to dispensationalist ideology, the name R. Thieme was pastor at Berachah Church in Houston, Texas for fifty-three years, from 1950-2003. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he was heavily influenced by the teaching of Lewis Sperry Chafer.

While at DTS, his studies were interrupted by WWII military service, which also had an effect on his approach to life and ministry. When Thieme became pastor of Berachah, he immediately dismissed the church board and inaugurated a heavy schedule of teaching services—four nights a week and twice on Sunday. His teaching ministry proliferated throughout the country and around the world through lectures, books, and tapes. At one point the ministry was reported to be sending out thirty thousand tapes per month. By most reports, Bob Thieme was idiosyncratic, pedantic, authoritarian, provocative, prolific, reclusive, and condescending. He may be understood as a product of dispensational methodology gone to seed, military style discipline and organization, Cold War sensibilities, and a kind of intellectual hubris by which one creates his own system and then sets himself up as the only expert over it. I have always found the ethos as warm and hospitable as an windowless military office full of gray steel filing cabinets.

You can still find these kinds of groups on the internet too, but as I looked through websites, I noticed that many of the churches no longer have pastors and that the people gather to watch videos of teachers from other locations. I’d be especially interested to learn how people who are still in circles that are associated with schools like Dallas Theological Seminary and with dispensational teaching view Thieme and his legacy today. How many of you are familiar with Bob Thieme? Did you or others you know receive his tapes and read his publications? What kind of influence have Thieme or his followers had in your life or in the lives of others you know? The church I grew up in completely worshiped him.

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