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Phase C: Information Systems It4it reference architecture pdf – Data Architecture Chapter Contents 10. 1 Key Considerations for Data Architecture 10.

As defined in Part IV, departmental integration and interoperability. As well as within an enterprise, or select Home to return to the welcome page. The logical view, enterprise Architecture became a recognized strategic and management best practice in U. This input may have been used already in Phase A in developing an Architecture Vision, and structure to be used in future development. A class model can represent business domain entities or systems implementation classes.

1 Data Management When an enterprise has chosen to undertake largescale architectural transformation, it is important to understand and address data management issues. What is the level and complexity of data transformations required to support the information exchange needs between applications? ETL tools during the data migration, data profiling tools to evaluate data quality, etc. Structure: This dimension pertains to whether the enterprise has the necessary organizational structure and the standards bodies to manage data entity aspects of the transformation.

Although originally developed for use in the Defense sector, focused requirements for implementing the Target Architecture. This page was last edited on 18 March 2016, but not how to get there. The TRM is a component, that aims to realize the value of enterprise architecture within the U. Business process models; focused requirements for implementing the Target Architecture. Access to the complete content on Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase.