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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. The fact that the harmonic series diverges harmonic progression mathematics pdf first proven in the 14th century by Nicole Oresme, but this achievement fell into obscurity. Historically, harmonic sequences have had a certain popularity with architects. The divergence of the harmonic series is also the source of some apparent paradoxes.

One example of these is the “worm on the rubber band”. In fact the actual ratio is a little less than this sum as the band expands continuously. 1, which implies that the worm reaches the end of the rubber band. Although the harmonic series does diverge, it does so very slowly. Another problem involving the harmonic series is the Jeep problem.

The block-stacking problem: blocks aligned according to the harmonic series bridges cleavages of any width. Another example is the block-stacking problem: given a collection of identical dominoes, it is clearly possible to stack them at the edge of a table so that they hang over the edge of the table without falling. The counterintuitive result is that one can stack them in such a way as to make the overhang arbitrarily large, provided there are enough dominoes. A simpler example, on the other hand, is the swimmer that keeps adding more speed when touching the walls of the pool. There are several well-known proofs of the divergence of the harmonic series. A few of them are given below. Each term of the harmonic series is greater than or equal to the corresponding term of the second series, and therefore the sum of the harmonic series must be greater than the sum of the second series.

This proof, proposed by Nicole Oresme in around 1350, is considered by many in the mathematical community to be a high point of medieval mathematics. It is still a standard proof taught in mathematics classes today. It is possible to prove that the harmonic series diverges by comparing its sum with an improper integral. Specifically, consider the arrangement of rectangles shown in the figure to the right. Since this area is entirely contained within the rectangles, the total area of the rectangles must be infinite as well. The generalization of this argument is known as the integral test.

The harmonic series diverges very slowly. For example, the sum of the first 1043 terms is less than 100. This is because the partial sums of the series have logarithmic growth. Leonhard Euler proved both this and also the more striking fact that the sum which includes only the reciprocals of primes also diverges, i. The difference between any two harmonic numbers is never an integer. This series converges by the alternating series test. The alternating harmonic series, while conditionally convergent, is not absolutely convergent: if the terms in the series are systematically rearranged, in general the sum becomes different and, dependent on the rearrangement, possibly even infinite.

The alternating harmonic series formula is a special case of the Mercator series, the Taylor series for the natural logarithm. This is known as the Leibniz series. By the limit comparison test with the harmonic series, all general harmonic series also diverge. The depleted harmonic series where all of the terms in which the digit 9 appears anywhere in the denominator are removed can be shown to converge and its value is less than 80.

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