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The Hamilton Watch Company is a brand of the Swatch Group, a Swiss watch company based in Bienne, Switzerland. After its formation, the Hamilton t1 manual pdf Watch Company went on to manufacture and market pocket watches and wristwatches, ending American manufacture in 1969.

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Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the Hamilton Watch Company became a diversified conglomerate itself and was subsequently integrated into the Swatch group. Today the brand is one of more than twenty watch brands belonging to the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and marketer. Hamilton succeeded three watch firms manufacturing timepieces in the same facilities in Lancaster, PA, including the Lancaster Watch Company. The precursor to the Hamilton Watch Co.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania based Keystone Standard Watch Co. The Hamilton Watch Company was established in 1892 after Keystone Standard Watch Company was purchased from bankruptcy. During the same year, Aurora Watch Company of Illinois also merged into Keystone. The name of the new company was originally to be “Columbian,” but when it was discovered the Waterbury Watch Company had trademarked that name, a meeting of stock holders was called in November 1892 and a new name selected. During the expansion of the railroads in the U. Railroads purchased all of Hamilton’s production. As the market switched from pocket watches to wrist watches after World War I, the company manufactured wrist watches.