Gmc jimmy repair manual pdf

Gmc jimmy repair manual pdf forward this error screen to 192. When I start my vehicle the headlights turn on automatically and I have tried to turn the knob to turn them off but when I put the vehicle in park the headlights stay on as well.

My question is how would I be able to turn off the headlights while the vehcile is in park but still running? Your 2002 Chevrolet Blazer has daytime running lights and the car is programmed to turn them on whenever the car is turned on. The only way to turn this feature off is to have a dealer hook it up to his computer and disable the daytime running lights. You can turn them off by turning them on manually, then hold the dome override button and turn them back off. You car must be turned off before you apply the parking brake for this to work. Once you take the brake off your lights will come back on as normal. If you look in your owner’s manual, it tells you how to disable the automatic lighting function.

It will also be reactivated the next time the ignition is switched off and then back on. Press four times fast to turn lights off. Just got a 2002 Chevy Suburban. The owner manual says to press and release the dome override button four times.

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Must be repeated every time the vehicle is started up. My problem is that what I think is the daytime running lamp will not come on at all. The lights are the ones most inboard on the lower assembly. NO WIRING OR BULBs in those if you look. You would also have an additional switch for them on your dash if it were equipped with a certain package, like z71.

They May have a GM Accessory kit at the dealer parts dept! 99 sierra you use emergency brake to turn on and off the DRL. 2- holding the e-brake release handle press the e-brake 5 to 6 time and that is all. By unplugging it the lights will turn off but you need to replace with new one for it to work properly again. The answer I gave above is in reference to a 2006 chevy trailblazer for, ” lights won’t turn off “.