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Why Do I Need Form I-94? Visitors entering the US under the Visa Waiver Program are exempt from g 1145 form pdf download a US Visa.

They  must complete a similar I-94W Form. In addition to the I-94 Form standard requirements, the Form I-94W includes specific questions related to inadmissibility issues and indicates agreement to waive your right to a hearing before an immigration judge, if found inadmissible. United States at a land border port-of-entry or from an airline or ship representative when arriving at an air or sea port-of-entry by aircraft or ship. United States, and your residence abroad. Canada or Mexico, you may retain your I-94 Form or I-94W so when resume your visit to the United States you are readmitted for the balance of the time remaining on your I-94 Form or I-94W. Canada, Mexico, or the Adjacent Islands, you may retain your I-94 Form and your SEVIS form I-20 or SEVIS Form DS-2019, so when you resume your visit to the United States you are readmitted for the balance of the time required for you to complete your program. What if my Form I-94 has incorrect information on it?

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