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Please forward this error screen to 217. The information you provide is not stored by us or passed on to any third party. We use this information solely to send an email highlighting the product you think would be of interest frostgrave rules pdf free your friend. Since ancient times, the world has been ravaged by war.

The wise foresee an age of horror approaching, for the spirit of the earth is sick, tainted by deadly sorcery in a great conflict ages past. Not that the warlords of this bloody era care, not while there is glory to be won, territory to be wrested from the enemy, foes to be slaughtered. Kings of War 2nd Edition is a hardback rulebook that contains the complete Kings of War history and rules. Kings of War is a game for gamers, by gamers. Compelling new background, art and photography that invoke a powerful realm of swords and sorcery.

Elegant easy-to-learn rules, balanced and playtested by the community for casual and tournament play. Eleven Force Lists upgraded with new units, including Forces of the Abyss, Forces of Nature, Undead, Dwarfs, Elves, Abyssal Dwarfs, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Basileans and the Kingdoms of Men. Download the digital edition of this rulebook from the Mantic Digital website. Shapeshifting digital books adapt to fit your ereader of choice. Read on mobile, read on tablet, read on desktop.

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