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50 years of fluid power technology norvelle pdf in the hydraulic sector. It means utilising functional and modern technology that simplifies and improves the level of your work. It means receiving personalised service that meets your specific requirements and satisfies any and all needs.

Italy, a wide range of standard products, with ample warehouse availability, that make an operator’s work easier and increase efficiency in various industrial sectors. There’s only one thing that allows F. TECHNICAL AND AFTER-SALES SERVICE TESTING To guarantee safety and the highest quality standards, F. AROUND THE WORLD When excellence is the end result of traditions and innovation, the sky’s the limit. Products that make the job of lifting or moving large structures easier and more precise, including maintenance on motorway viaducts and large machinery, lifting and moving oil rigs and stressing stud bolts.

MANUFACTURER OF: SPECIAL EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS F. A team of experts works alongside the customer from technical consultation, engineering and production to installation of all equipment, evaluating the best technical solutions from the customer’s point of view. STANDARD PRODUCTS WHEN THE STANDARD BECOMES A REFERENCE. Through its testing and prototype department, F. All our products are supplied with a CE certificate and the quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

This guarantees safety as well as compliance with all norms and, in particular, with the one regarding the constant satisfaction of customers. Hydraulic equipment for structural maintenance, typically used for lifting decks and replacing supports or for adjusting the gradient of bridges and viaducts. SPECIAL PRODUCTS The gradient of the bridge was achieved with cantilevered cranes, launched using a hydraulic F. 4 complete carts, 2 for each pier.

Equipment for load tests on piles, to ascertain structural integrity of foundations and monitor behaviour. Hydraulic kit for static load tests with concentrated load, typically used for floor tests. Hydraulic equipment, made up of a hollow cylinder and hand or hydraulic pump, for pull-out tests for extracting bolts from concrete structures. Used mainly in the shipbuilding sector to key on and hold the position of rudder stocks or propellers.

In these systems the hydraulic nut supplies the force to facilitate keying that also occurs as a result of the deformation. These high-performance pumps are easy to use and durable. For diversified utilizations in steel-stainless steel PUMP CODE DESCRIPTION Standard products do not always meet customer requirements and often pumps must be modified to adapt better to various applications. The hand pump code table shows various ranges, materials, flow, drive and reservoir capacity.

These handy and easy-to-use pumps are ideal for controlling medium hydraulic cylinders. Lightweight and compact, they are built in steel and aluminium. Strong and functional pumps that require minimum maintenance. Equipped with an internal safety valve calibrated to maximum operating pressure. A pressure gauge can be mounted directly on the pump.

Providing a full range of capabilities. High volume flow applications. Representing a broad consensus of industry players, tools and equipment that are used in the lab are provided by the college. Use pumps with high oil flow rates to operate a wide range of hydraulic cylinders or tools. Use pumps with high oil flow rates to operate a wide range of double, sPEED HAND PUMP 1600 BAR MOD.

Non-conducting handle for maximum operator safety. HAND PUMPS PRESSURE OIL DISPLACEMENT RESERVOIR max STROKE CAPACITY PMSA 3. 3 aluminium pumps FOOT CONTROL pedal models also available. Handy and easy-to-use pumps with high oil flow rates to operate a wide range of hydraulic cylinders or tools. Two-speed pumps to guarantee a high flow rate at low pressure during load approach operations which as a consequence makes the operator’s work easier.

50C controlled by two-speed PDSA21 hand pump to level a structure Two-speed pump to operate both the single and double-acting press cylinder. Handy and easy-to-use pumps with high oil flow rates to operate a wide range of double-acting cylinders. Two-speed operation reduces the number of strokes at low pressure, which makes the operator’s work easier during load approach operations and high-pressure load lifting. Series with one and two speeds from 1600 to 2800 bar, also available in the 4000 bar version. Strong and functional pumps designed for very high pressures. Steel connectors with conic seal for very high pressure also available. SINGLE-SPEED SINGLE-SPEED TWO-SPEED TWO-SPEED SINGLE-SPEED HAND PUMP 1600 BAR MOD.