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Has the subject been fully explored? Meredith Davis has argued that interaction is not the special province of computers alone. She points out that printed books invite interaction and that designers consider how readers will interact with books. She cites Massimo Vignelli’s work on the National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds as an example of particularly thoughtful design for interaction . Richard Buchanan shares Davis’s broad view of interaction.

Interaction is a way of framing the relationship between people and objects designed for them—and thus a way of framing the activity of design. Davis and Buchanan expand the way we look at design and suggest that artifact-human interaction be a criterion for evaluating the results of all design work. Their point of view raises the question: Is interaction with a static object different from interaction with a dynamic system? Canonical models of computer-human interaction are based on an archetypal structure—the feedback loop. In 1964 the HfG Ulm published a model of interaction depicting an information loop running from system through human and back through the system .

The user turns intention to action via an input device connected to the physical system. The physical system presents signals, which the user interprets and evaluates—presumably in relation to intention . If you don’t say it, people tend to think all behavior starts with a goal. It doesn’t—it can be a response to the environment.

Feeling and doing bridge the gap between user and system . Representing interaction between a person and a dynamic system as a simple feedback loop is a good first approximation. It forefronts the role of information looping through both person and system . Perhaps more important, it asks us to consider the user’s goal, placing the goal in the context of information theory—thus anchoring our intuition of the value of Alan Cooper’s persona-goal-scenario design method . In the feedback-loop model of interaction, a person is closely coupled with a dynamic system. The nature of the system is unspecified.

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