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Learn What’s New in Adobe ‘CC’ vs. CS6 versions of both continue to be available within Creative Difference between product and brand pdf. Acrobat XI Pro and Flash Builder 4.

7 are also included but remain the same editions as before. Special: Legally download dozens of free Adobe books for a limited time! CC desktop applications available via the Creative Cloud free level of membership. A slick and solid new Creative Cloud Desktop App that unobtrusively replaces both the Adobe Application Manager and the Creative Cloud Connection, and does file versioning too. Cloud-based syncing and sharing of all your customized tool settings like preferences, presets, brushes, shortcuts, workspaces, styles, fonts, colors, and more. The ability to share and publish your work directly from within your creative tools up to Behance in the Cloud as desired. The new CC apps will install and work alongside any older versions of Adobe software like CS6, CS5, etc.

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