Difference between centre of mass and centre of gravity pdf

It is said to have been the sight of an apple falling from a tree that, around 1665, gave Isaac Newton the idea that the force that pulls an apple to earth is the same as that which keeps the moon in its orbit around the earth. The reason the moon does not fall to earth is because of the counteracting effect of its orbital motion. According difference between centre of mass and centre of gravity pdf newtonian theory, the gravitational force between two or more bodies is therefore dependent on their masses.

However, the gravitational acceleration of an attracted body is not dependent on its mass: if dropped simultaneously from a tower, and if air resistance is ignored, a tennis ball and a cannonball will hit the ground simultaneously. In her book Gravitational Force of the Sun,1 Pari Spolter criticizes the orthodox theory that gravity is proportional to the quantity or density of inert mass. She goes as far as to argue that there is no reason to include any term for mass in either of the force equations. A, where a is the acceleration and A is the area of a circle with a radius equal to the mean distance of the orbiting body from the central body. First, her attempt to deny any link between force and mass is unconvincing. Moreover, weight is a type of force, rather than a completely separate phenomenon.

Furthermore, it is disingenuous of Spolter to say that her equation implies that acceleration is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Rather, it involves a coupling of the mass-energy of the sun and planets, along with their associated massfree gravitational energy. Spolter proposes that it is the rotation of a star, planet, etc. 4 But she does not suggest a mechanism to explain how this might work, or what causes a celestial body to rotate in the first place. Such is the seemingly circular logic underlying standard gravity theory.

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