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Introduction to the 5 Key Design Trends trend report. Dieter rams book pdf, Rationaissance, Responsibiz, Sensuctive and Breaking Boundaries.

You can read our reports in three different ways according to your own personal taste. The third way is just a plain text version. We recommend you to choose to read this specific report either as pdf or flip through because of the rich amount of images. Design is a strong and important process that has a strong influence on society and it can in many ways affect our well being. Design is as well outstanding as a competitive ’weapon’ when it comes to visualising a business strategy. On the other hand, we live in a world crowded by bad design. Of course, within certain limits, everyone is free to produce and sell whatever they like, and boy, they certainly do.

Bad design can be seen in everything from graphic artwork to consumer electronics to bad services and urban architecture. Bad design pollutes our lives, both when it’s around us and after it is thrown away. How may it be avoided in the future? Because we are firm believers that a design trend is worthless unless put in a social macro perspective.

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Which effects does design have on our lives, on our future society and cultural movements? A bit further on Pandora’s box will be opened and five key design trends, that we believe in one way or another will affect our future, will be presented. But first we intend to talk about why design is so important and how companies ought to work with design issues. So if you want a preview of the future, continue reading and learn about our vision of a, hopefully, bright tomorrow where design plays an important part. This means that design is both the process itself as well as the final product or service. From a consumers point of view however it is quite different.

The man on the street sees design being synonymous with fashion, style, modern culture and aspirational lifestyle. A rather humanistic and prosaic description. So design is interesting and relevant first after it’s been put in a human relation. Design is hence all about satisfying needs, solving problems and attracting us towards new experiences. Which is the best possible way for companies to meet this, and how shall they work strategically with their design development?

When you start with the idea of making a thing, you’re artificially limiting what you can deliver. The reason that many of these exemplar’s forward-thinking product design succeed is explicitly because they don’t design products. Products are realized only as necessary artifacts to address customer needs. This implies that great design often is founded on a social, aesthetical and cultural perspective. As an entrepreneur you can never forget that consumers are people of flesh and blood with dreams and hopes of good lives. Break the rules Dare to be different, brake the rules, zag, find the white spaces or the blue ocean. NO matter what you call it, that’s where all of us ought to be.

Because in the blue ocean concurrence is irrelevant since the game rules have yet to be set. Despite all of the warnings history is full of examples of products and services that were not sufficiently unique. This makes it crucial to keep an open mind towards the future, to understand the market and its needs. To think of the future, not yet existing, possibilities. People do not always know what they want. So how may this be done? When it comes to product development it’s important to have a clear design process in order to create products as relevant as possible.