Destroying the spirit of rejection john eckhardt pdf

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This subject couldn’t be more universal because we’ve all experienced the heinous sting of rejection, either as the accuser or the abuser. Below, is a portion of the book released today on charismamag. Jumpstart your discovery to destroying rejections grip on your life and every stain it’s ever sought to leave behind! I want to remind you that there is nothing too hard for God. Though pride is a stubborn demon that shows up in almost every known demonic cluster, God is more stubborn still—stubborn enough to rescue you.

In Job 41, pride manifests itself in the spirit realm as Leviathan, the crooked sea serpent. Spirits operating within the demonic cluster of pride include arrogance, haughtiness, puffed up, self-exaltation, vanity, rebellion, stubbornness, scorning, defiance, anti-submissiveness, egotism, perfection, and the spirits of Rahab and Orion. Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? In the last chapter I introduced the concept of demonic kingdoms. Pride is another demonic kingdom that establishes occupancy in the soul of a person who is oppressed with a spirit of rejection.