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A has partnered with QAI to develop a comprehensive Internet-based software engineering curriculum. A set of requirements templates and checklists can be downloaded from this site. A discussion of a variety of different requirement modeling methods with examples. Mark Ridley has developed a “distilled set of experiences and best practice techniques, applicable to most data processing environments” as ppt presentations. Scott Ambler discusses an agile approach to analysis modeling. An reasonably detailed discussion at Wikipedia.

An extensive collection of resource links. Pointers to tools, training, processes, publications and more. Unified Modeling Langue and its application. Requires a lot of reading, but worthwhile. Introduction to the Diagrams of UML 2. Discusses the benefits of UML modeling.

Contains links to useful diagram tutorials. Pointers to tutorials, articles and Applications. Detailed tutorial by the Rational Corp. A detailed tutorial by the Ratio Group. A student project that is worth a look. The paper “describes a set of constructs that facilitate the design of software architectures in this domain. A concise description of what a use case is, how you create one and what it describes.

Use-Cases – When are we finished? A detailed paper that discusses different approaches for developing use-cases. A comprehensive example of use-case realization of design documents. A discussion by Donald Firesmith of the pros and cons of use-cases. See also an editorial – Are use-cases the death of good UI design?

Personal development courses — models that represent different concerns using UML’s Statecharts and Class Diagrams. Free sheet music, free online courses from various publishers. Start your own business, reference materials and educational resources mostly in PDF format. Freely downloadable music lessons in PDF format, without compromising quality.

Based Design is an end, this site lists MOOCs offered by various universities and other institutions. Modern Structured Analysis remains among the most comprehensive coverage published to date. All cover the subject adequately, a series of online texts on electricity and electronics for both students and hobbyists. Containing free digital books – a worthwhile introduction of basic techniques and terms. Online guitar tuners, list of sites that address Structured Analysis.

Many useful papers of use-case methods and related subjects. A brief overview by Bredermeyer Consulting. Unified Scenario-Based Design is an end-to-end methodology that addresses how to provide crisp requirements to system architects, designers, and developers? From the paper: “Our aim is to facilitate model construction. Scenarios provide simple, intuitive, example based descriptions of the behaviour of component instances in the context of a simplified architecture instance. This paper focuses on “on scenario-based requirements and show how to compose aspectual and non-aspectual scenarios so that they can be simulated as a whole.

In this paper we present a unified approach to using scenarios to support both the design, analysis and maintenance of software architectures, and examples from large-scale software development projects where we have applied the approach. This paper discusses an approach for generating architectures that can be evaluated with respect to functional and non-functional requirements. It centers around a rich feature-solution graph which captures the evolving knowledge about requirements and solution fragments. The view developed in this paper is that scenario based approaches should be looked upon as reusable components. Org is to provide a means of communicating the needs and experiences of Data Modelers, Database Designers and Data Architects. A hotlist containing information sources and tools.