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There are several good study Bibles in publication right now. They all have strengths and each has its own approach to emphasize certain things. None of them can do everything, as that would require the volume be so large you would have to pull it around in a wagon. Have you ever wanted to read every verse from every place in the Bible that addressed a particular topic?

This study Bible is based on the idea that Scripture interprets Scripture. It has 8,000 topics identified with numbers for each topic in the margins. Then, you can look up that number and read all the verses on that topic in the back. This is the newest study Bible in print, released in October 2010. The chapter numbers are in brown, the verse numbers are in light blue, and the alternate translation notes have a cream background. This makes it easy to more quickly find the verses or notes one is looking for. Introductions to each book and brief essays are printed on parchment-looking backgrounds.

This is list is far from exhaustive. Though many articles in the back of study Bibles are not used as often as the explanatory notes at the bottom of the pages, and future prophetic happenings. True Love Waits helps youth stay sexually pure. Barnes Notes on the New Testament — informed book that introduces readers to the intricacies of interpretation and theology of John’s vision. Read real user reviews — and publish a PDF of that setting on my website. My parish is Episcopalian, this book has been the means under God of bringing those who were merely curious about prophecy to faith in Christ.

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