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Please california durable power of attorney form pdf improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The examples and perspective in this article or section might have an extensive bias or disproportional coverage towards the United States. This article needs additional citations for verification. This article may be too technical for most readers to understand.

Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details. Formerly, the term “power” referred to an instrument signed under seal while a “letter” was an instrument under hand, meaning that it was simply signed by the parties, but today a power of attorney need not be signed under seal. The term attorney-in-fact is used in many jurisdictions instead of the term agent. That term should be distinguished from the term attorney-at-law. When all the claims are paid, the attorney-in-fact then returns the leftover funds to the subscribers. The Uniform Power of Attorney Act employs the term agent. As an agent, an attorney-in-fact is a fiduciary for the principal, so the law requires an attorney-in-fact to be completely honest with and loyal to the principal in their dealings with each other.

Depending on the jurisdiction, a power of attorney may be oral and, whether witnessed, will hold up in court, the same as if it were in writing. For some purposes, the law requires a power of attorney to be in writing. The equal dignity rule is a principle of law that requires an authorization for someone performing certain acts for another person to have been appointed with the same formality as required for the act the representative is going to perform. In order for a power of attorney to become a legally enforceable document, at a minimum it must be signed and dated by the principal. Some jurisdictions also require that a power of attorney be witnessed, notarized, or both. If the attorney-in-fact is being paid to act on behalf of the principal, a contract for payment may be separate from the document granting power of attorney.

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If that separate contract is in writing, as a separate document it may be kept private between the principal and agent even when the power of attorney is presented to others for the purposes of carrying out the agent’s duties. A special power of attorney is one that is limited to a specified act or type of act. In some jurisdictions, a durable power of attorney can also be a “health care power of attorney. This particular affidavit gives the attorney-in-fact the authority to make health-care decisions for the grantor, up to and including terminating care and life support. The grantor can typically modify or restrict the powers of the agent to make end-of-life decisions. Related to the health care power of attorney is a separate document known as an advance health care directive, also called a “living will”. A living will is a written statement of a person’s health care and medical wishes but does not appoint another person to make health care decisions.

After such incapacitation the power is identical to a durable power, but cannot be invoked before the incapacity. Determining whether the principal is “disabled” enough to initiate this type of representation is a formal process. Springing powers of attorney are not automatic, and institutions may refuse to work with the attorney-in-fact. Disputes are then resolved in court. Unless the power of attorney has been made irrevocable by its own terms or by some legal principle, the grantor may revoke the power of attorney by telling the attorney-in-fact it is revoked.