Business objects interview questions pdf

As an programmer, what are design principles you focus on? What are the modern programming practices which lead to very good applications? What are the typical things you would need to business objects interview questions pdf while designing the Business Layer of a Java EE Web Application?

What are the things that you would need to consider when designing the Web Layer? What are the important features of IDE Eclipse? What are the best practices for build tool Maven? I start off with the 4 Principles of Simple Design. Next important design principles would be those related to Object Oriented Programming. Have good object, which have well-defined responsibilities.

Following are the important concepts you need to have a good overview of. Also, look up the specific videos for each topic. UML is next even though, formal use of UML is on the way down with Agile. However, I think UML is a great tool in the arsenal for a white board discussion on design. A picture is worth thousand words. I recommend having a good overview of the UML basics.

Focus on these four before you move on to others. Last and also the least important is Design Patterns. My personal view : Design Patterns are good to know. Have a good idea on what each one of them does.

I’m not a big fan of understanding the intricate details of each Design Pattern. You can look it up if you have a good overall idea about Design Patterns. First of all : Unit Testing and Mocking. We are in the age of continuous integration and delivery, and the basic thing that enables those is having a good set of unit test in place. Don’t confuse unit testing with screen testing done manually to check if the screen flow is right.

Second in line is Automated Integration Tests. Automated Integration Tests is the second important bullet in enabling continuous delivery. If you have never used TDD, then be ready for a rude shock. Once you are used to TDD you never go back. This list of videos is a good start to understanding TDD.

Fitnesse, tooling is not far behind too. Understand the role of automation tests in refactoring. Every project today has continuous integration. If you have integration and chain tests, wonderful. But make sure the build does not take long.

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