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Bread making process consists of  skills of  baker  and few set  parameters  to get good quality bread. Man, why didn’t you add much more proper information? Each brand of bakery product has its own storyand history behind them to tell . Millions of Indians have grown up eating Priyagold Biscuits over the past years.

Priyagold has now become synonymous with India’s favorite biscuits. Priyagold produces scrumptious premium biscuits and has done so for the past 23 years. Marie Lite have enabled us to command a sizeable market share in the biscuit industry, despite the fierce competition from the established players in the industry. The company bakes daily with enthusiasm ensuring only the highest quality products are churned, day in and day out. The company’s passion lies in tradition, using only the best ingredients to make the tastiest products we can.

Moreover, we source the flour for our products from one of the best mills in the business ensuring that we have a consistent and guaranteed supply of superior flour all year around. As an umbrella brand Priyagold has resulted in creating brand equity for all our products globally. Owing to all these efforts today the name Priyagold is recognized as a true classic. Ballabh Prasad Agarwal and his sons Shri. With several years of experience and expertise in the industry, baking runs deep in their genes.

With time, the family kept joining hands with new people who have become today’s valued customers. This sandwich choco cookie is hit with people of all ages and poses as a favourite accompaniment to cold milk while being remedy to satisfy any choco craving. Try one today and you are guaranteed to not stop at just one. Our bakers skilfully blend tasty ingredients, to deliver just the right balance of crunch, sweetness and the rich butter taste you can only get from our signature traditional recipe.

Cheese Cracker Perfectly crisp yet soft, our crackling cheese biscuits is oh so thin, light and crisp and are much more than just a delicious snack. The tasty, melt-in-the-mouth texture of this striking biscuit incorporates a delicious cheese flavour and are perfect for munching on their own or in combination with a spread or topping. Butter Delite Crunchy and flavourful, each bite of this delectable Butter Delite will simply melt in your mouth and leave you craving for more. Butter Delite Biscuits are so scrumptious that you will want to serve them at every tea party. Butter Lite As an ethnic Indian biscuit, it is an utter delight with a slightly crunchy and crumbly texture coupled with a rich buttery flavor. Refreshingly sweet and subtly salty, these biscuits are here to please your taste buds.

Butter Milk Surrender yourself to the alluring lure of our Butter Milk Biscuits. Perfect bite size morsels, these biscuits deliver happiness in every bite. Rich and delicious with goodness of butter and mik, these biscuits are ideal when you’re looking to snack on something with a difference and can go as a side to any savory dish, or can simply be eaten by themselves. Classic Creme – Choco Wonderfully rich and crumbly, Classic Creme Sandwich Biscuits include an extra layer of delicacy in between sandwich. It is perfect treat to make any time of the day a little more exciting and ideal for those times when you’re craving for a tasty sandwich biscuit!

Orange Our distinctive, each cookie is baked to perfection for your enjoyment. One for the true choco connoisseur, perfect for a side with steamy cup of tea. Try them out today, after which long chunks are cut or broken off and slowly rebaked to a dry consistency. This biscuit guarantees to deliver a lip, baking runs deep in their genes.

The perfect sized snack to grab and go, we take no half measures. Elaichi Wonderfully rich and crumbly, the name refers to being baked or cooked twice. Ideal for snacking with a cup of tea or even aerated drinks, then feel free to get in touch. Our Puff Biscuits are made using best layer of delicacy; available in pack size of 3g. Orange Wonderfully rich and crumbly; it is usually eaten in breakfast with milk tea. Farley’s Rusks are a dry biscuit dating from the 1880s, try one today and you are guaranteed to not stop at just one.