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How to convert code to reentrant Qhull. Start with small examples that you work applied contaminant transport modeling pdf by hand. In 3-d and higher Delaunay Triangulations or 4-d and higher convex hulls, multiple, nearly coincident points may lead to very wide facets. For points in the unit cube, it occurs when points are approximately 1e-13 apart.

Closer points or further apart points are OK. The problem has existed since the beginning of Qhull. The problem will be fixed in a future release of Qhull. Additional code is needed to identify which ‘tricoplanar’ facet is the nearest facet. See Bug and Notes for problems in previous Qhull versions. Here are the problems in previous versions of Qhull by version and by date. Problems are listed in the most recent version, Except for the current version, they are fixed in more recent versions.

See Known Problems for problems in the current release of Qhull. See Change History for fixed bugs and new features. Point partition may lead to a rare “all facets flipped or upper Delaunay” . 4 requires -fno-strict-aliasing to compile qset. Otherwise qset segfaults on most input.

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An error or segfault occurs when using the resulting set. Triangulation, area, volume, Voronoi vertices, statistics, good facets are not done. Qhull-go reports a not-compatible error on 64-bit hosts. TO’ and ‘TI’ options did not allow filenames starting with ‘d’ or ‘v’. T was unsigned qh_build_withrestart did not clear qh. In 3-d and higher, option ‘Qt’ does not produce conforming triangulations for adjacent, non-simplicial facets. Related entries are , and below.

Qhull may incorrectly report a coplanar input set if the max or min points along the coordinate axes are nearly coplanar and they include nearly coincident subsets. If so, the point set and inital simplex may be full dimensional, while at the same time, the initial simplex is not clearly convex. Other point sets can cause the same problem. These cases appear to be unlikely for most users. A workaround is to use option ‘Qs’. Additional code will be needed to identify the correct region. Alfs simulated the kinematic configuration control of redundant robots.