Acca syllabus 2017 pdf

Milestones and Support timeline Check out the timeline to see what changes are happening and when, and how we intend to support you throughout this transition over the next two years. Supporting your journey Whether you’re a student, employer or education provider, the timeline gives you more information on when the changes are acca syllabus 2017 pdf and when guidance and resources will become available. This timeline will be added to, so keep visiting this site so you don’t miss out on any support or guidance. Syllabus and specimen exams available for all new exams within Strategic Professional.

We’re providing two specimens containing detailed solutions and guidance for Strategic Business Leader. Guidance issued on how to award professional marks and to recognise answers for Strategic Business Leader. Register for a free webinar providing an overview of the new Ethics and Professional Skills module on 4 April at 12. Global Learning Providers’ Conference with special focus on preparing you for the changes to the qualification.

Speak to the experts and ask them questions. Global Learning Providers’ Conference on-demand opportunity to access selected presentations and content shared at the April 2017 event. New module replaces Professional Ethics Module from 31 October 2017. Approved content provider materials for Strategic Business Leader will be available for tutors and students. September 2018 exam entry opens, giving students their first opportunity to enter for the new Strategic Professional exams.

Patents Rights: Preliminary, debt Instruments : Fixed Deposits Vs. Interest income and dividend income, global Learning Providers’ Conference on, remember diminution in value principle used to value gifts of unquoted shares and land. The timeline gives you more information on when the changes are happening and when guidance and resources will become available. The Intellectual Property Rights: Trademark and Patent Rights, legislative framework on listing agreements: Clause 35 and 41 of the listing agreements required for the working of the listing companies.

This is the last session where the current Professional-level exams will be available. September 2018 exam entry closes, including entries for the first sitting of the Strategic Professional exams. First sitting of the new Strategic Professional exams. This includes the first results for the Strategic Professional exams.

Learn if these changes affect your studies We’ve created a tool to help you understand how the changes will affect your studies. What are the Biggest 28 Lessons you will learn in Corporate world. You are not there to make friends. Steps to take for ACCA students and affiliates who want to register as ACA students. Now if you have decided to start ICAEW. Download links LSBF P2 Class notes 2017 Session 1 . Its only for Free Study materials.

All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. The 15 MCQ questions will cover a broad range of the syllabus. This section typically contains questions regarding tax compliance and self-assessment e. Capital gains tax question – calculating gains made by an individual on disposals of residential property versus disposals of non-residential assets e. Due date for payment and for making any elections.

Calculating IHT on lifetime gifts made into trust when the donor is alive. Advantages of making lifetime gifts over death gifts e. Remember diminution in value principle used to value gifts of unquoted shares and land. Calculating income tax payable, with trading income, interest income and dividend income, property income, tax-free income and perhaps employment income. Remember the savings income and dividend income nil rate bands when calculating the income tax liability. Property business income for a company. Calculating corporation tax for a large company and instalment payments.