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Fifty Shades of Grey poster. When 50 shades of grey pdf book 1 roommate, Kate Kavanagh, becomes ill and is unable to interview Christian Grey, a 27-year-old billionaire entrepreneur, for the college newspaper, Ana agrees to go in her place. Grey House, Ana stumbles her way through the meeting. He agrees to Ana’s request for a photo shoot to accompany the article for which Ana had interviewed him.

Christian invites Ana for coffee, but he leaves abruptly, saying he is not the man for her. Ana and her friends celebrate graduation at a local bar. After drinking too much, Ana spontaneously calls Christian, saying she is returning the books and berates his behavior towards her. Christian goes to the bar and finds Ana, who passes out. She wakes up the next morning in Christian’s hotel room, relieved that they were not intimate. Ana reveals that she is a virgin.

Christian bestows Ana with gifts and favors, such as a new car and laptop computer. After Ana and Kate move to Seattle, Ana continues seeing Christian. Later, Christian becomes frustrated when Ana expresses she wants more than the one-sided relationship he proposes. She is shocked when Christian unexpectedly arrives in Georgia, they have sex again but he leaves soon afterward, to tend to an emergency in Seattle. After returning home, Ana continues seeing Christian, who wants further sexual experimentation.

Ana initially consents, but Christian keeps emotionally distant, upsetting her. While still considering the contract, and in an effort to understand Christian psychologically, Ana asks him to demonstrate how he would “punish” her for rule breaking. Christian whips Ana’s buttocks six times with a belt. Upset and disgusted, Ana breaks up with Christian after concluding that he is wrong for her and his practices border on being deviant and excessive.

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